Mason Dixie Biscuit Co. Leaves EatsPlace

Less than three weeks into its three-month residency at EatsPlace, Mason Dixie Biscuit Co. is parting ways with the Park View "pop-uppery." The biscuit maker wrote on Facebook that it would be "refocusing our business on our brick and mortar," although it has not yet locked down a location.

"Mason Dixie grew a lot in the time span it took to open up at EatsPlace. I think we kind of grew out of that business model," co-owner Ayeshah Abuelhiga tells Y&H. At the time they signed on to EatsPlace, she and her partners, Mo Cherry and Jason Gehring, had no idea the volume of interest they would receive or that they would win the LaunchPad competition from food incubator Mess Hall that sent even more resources their way. The rush of support made them realize they needed to "shift into high gear."

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